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Watch Skrillex Bring Out Benny Benassi to Drop Iconic “Cinema” Remix in New York

Skrillex’s DJ set at Avant Gardner was one for the ages.

During last night’s massive performance in Brooklyn, Skrillex ignited the nostalgia machine.

In one of the concert’s many dreamlike moments, the electronic music virtuoso turned back the clock to 2011, when he released his seminal remix of Benny Benassi‘s “Cinema.” With its mighty bass and vocals that galvanize fans into screaming at the top of their lungs, the track has grown to be a generational anthem for dubstep fans.

What made the moment so surreal, however, wasn’t the record itself, but who played it. Skrillex brought out Benassi himself to drop the song live before a wild crowd, taking a moment to thank the Italian dance music icon.

“This man changed my life with this song,” Skrillex gushed.

Skrillex also played out a plethora of unreleased music, mixing in songs by a number of young, rising producers. The ol’ “Skrillex played my track” rigamarole was back in full force within the confines of EDM Twitter, which was rife with clips that inspired FOMO.

He rinsed music by ISOxo, Eliminate, QUIX, Ace Aura, Leotrix, and more. You can check out a few clips below.



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